Lions' Dance on poles

Lion dance on poles or 狮子跳桩 shizi tiao zhuang is the modern, acrobatic form of lion dance.

Started as a diversification ON the show and as an extra step in the skill of the dancers, today it has become a show within the show, and, a separate dance with its own characteristics.

In China and throughout Southeast Asia there are real competitions with referees, scores and cash prizes.

From a formal point of view, the structure is made up of poles whose number and height can vary according to the specifications:

This will be 21 poles for an official match, or a cross of poles even 40 poles in the “Gentin” match in Malaysia, or a minimum of 12 poles for small shows and private events.

The poles also called plum blossom poles or 梅花桩 mei hua zhuang range from a height of about 1m to a maximum of 2.5m.

But the most amazing thing is the distance that separates them. It starts from about 40 cm up to 1.80 m and beyond!

So the exciting and adrenaline-rich element is to see the two dancers head and tail, who in unison jump these distances together.

The show can last up to a maximum of 15 minutes, given the danger and the great effort of energy.

Lions’ dance on poles is recommended for people who obviously do not suffer from heights, but above all for people who love to challenge themselves and overcome their limits, in line with the ancient tradition of martial arts.