About us

After a long path of few years, spent between Italy and East (China, Thailand and Indonesia), to deepen martial arts knowledge and oriental traditions, Master Giampaolo Monaco in 2004 met Sifu Leon in Hong Kong whom got him started to the millennial tradition of Lion and Dragon’s Dance.

After this meeting a real friendship develops between the two masters and as a collaboration started, Italian section of  San Ngai Kwun is born.

Back to Italy Sifu Giampaolo Monaco starts to teach the Lion and Dragon Dance in his gym in Perugia, Filisophy Fight Club, participating to many events.

In 2008, with Masters Maurizio Di Bonifacio and Roberto Macaluso, Giampaolo decided to found FIDALD (Federazione Italiana Danza del Leone e del Drago). In just a few years FIDALD becomes one of the first national and international schools.

In 2012 Sifu Giampaolo Monaco, wanted to do another breakthrough, and founded Italy Lion and Dragon Dance creating a highly specialized and professional group that acquired a lot of experience with stages and events held over the years.